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Apply for a PPP Loan

Apply for a PPP Loan


We are currently accepting applications for PPP funding. We urge all applicants who qualify and need this important funding source to apply with us today!

There are two different application types:

  1. If you obtained your first PPP round elsewhere but wish to apply for round two through us, please click here to apply. Information on contacting a branch can be found on our website at

  2. If you have not yet taken any funding from the previous PPP round but want to take advantage of it now, you can click here to apply for a PPP.

Note: Applying for a PPP loan will require a credit union business membership to be opened as part of the process. This can easily be accomplished by visiting our website at for a branch near you.

Inquiries and questions concerning your application should be made via email only to We have a large team dedicated to processing your PPP and will be able to respond quicker via email.  Phone calls are not recommended due to the great demand in PPP.

Thank you for your interest and we wish you a safe, healthy and prosperous 2021!


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