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How do I pay my iTHINK Financial loan?

You can easily make your loan payments using Quick Pay!  

Access Quick Pay Here
There will be an identity verification process using your Member Number or Social Security number and date of birth.

You can also access Quick Pay through the button at the top of our website or in Online Banking by selecting the "Quick Pay" from the "All Services" menu or through Mobile Banking by selecting "Quick Pay" from the main menu.

Learn more about Quick Pay here.

Other options for making your loan payment:

  • Download a Loan Payment Coupon or Mortgage Payment Coupon and mail your payment to iTHINK Financial, PO Box 5090, Boca Raton, FL 33431
  • Bring your payment to your nearest branch
  • Set up automatic payments through ACH using our Direct Payment Form
  • Set up recurring scheduled automatic transfers from your Credit Union checking or savings account to your loan inside Online Banking

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Mortgage Application Document Checklist | iTHINK Financial
as a basis for repayment of the loan. 1. Divorce settlement agreement 2. Verification
A Guide to Financing Your Next Home Improvement Project
Find out what financing options are available for home renovation projects.
You Take Out a Loan to Finance Your Home Improvements? The first question to ask yourself if you, for a $15,000 kitchen upgrade would take considerably longer. That’s when a loan or line of credit could come in handy. However, just because you can get a loan doesn’t always mean you should. When determining if you should take on a loan to fund a home improvement project, the next thing, or your home life, a loan or line of credit may be the best way to finance renovations. Before signing
First Mortgages | First-time Homebuyer FL and GA | iTHINK Financial
intangible tax. On a $100,000 loan, the savings can be up to $300 in Georgia and $200 in Florida, . We do not charge extra fees/higher interest rates on a loan without escrow. On a waived escrow loan, our competitors typically charge a higher interest rate (up to .25%) or they charge a one-time fee (about $500 on a $200,000 loan). First time home buyers can now receive up to 100% financing, . Contact your Loan Officer or Processor to lock your interest rate. **Rate buydowns are available
Save money on your next car. Auto Loans from iTHINK Financial
the course of the loan! Come talk to us before you purchase your vehicle and know that there is more to the price of the car than what is advertised. Auto Loan Calculators, take a rebate or low-cost financing? Our Vehicle Loan Rates Car and Truck Loan Rates New Auto and Truck Loans Term APR* Up to 36 months 1.99, % Motorcycle, Boat, Motorhome, and Camping Trailer Loan Rates Motorcycle Loans
How Much House Can I Afford? 4 Steps to Creating a New Home Budget
If the thought of a monthly mortgage payment is turning your home buying dreams into nightmares, it’s time to get real about how much home you can really afford. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a growing family who needs more space or a downsizing empty nester, the buying process always starts the same—creating your new home budget.
and bills, and other monthly spending. Lump expenses into categories, such as rent/mortgage, debt repayment, use a home loan calculator to determine the total buying price of a home that’s right for your, approved for a certain loan amount doesn’t mean you must buy a home that uses up every penny you’re offered. In fact, you may be approved for a home loan that’s much higher than what you actually want
How Does the CARES Act Affect You? What Should You Know?
In addition to providing loans and grants to businesses to deter layoffs, the CARES Act also offers a one-time, tax-free stimulus check to individuals, as well as additional healthcare funding and altered regulations for unemployment insurance, retirement accounts, student loan, and mortgage assistance. Here are the highlights of how the CARES Act can help ease your financial burden during these challenging times.
and altered regulations for unemployment insurance, retirement accounts, student loan, and mortgage assistance, ) will modify the loan so you can afford your payments as you recuperate financially over the next few months, for an “extend mod” which adds the missed payments onto the end of your loan term. Impact on Student Loans, . In order to get a forbearance, individuals must contact their loan servicer. Impact on Credit Scores Many, to make their regular credit card or loan payments. The CARES Act implemented provisions to protect
which will not replenish and will have a set repayment term (e.g., vehicle loan). (a)Open-end, " and "Borrower", means any person who executes the Plan by signing the Loan Application and Agreement, . By signing the Loan Application and Agreement to Terms, you are: 1. Agreeing to repay all loans you take, of the loan. 2. Pledging your shares and deposits in the Credit Union. If you default, we may, -secured loan, if such withdrawal would cause your balance to fall below what you owe. Your pledge
New vs. Used Car: How to Know What’s Right for You
Weighing your options to purchase or finance a new or used car? Here’s a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each scenario.
-term loan, can save you thousands over your repayment period. Advantage: Advanced Technology, on the amount you end up having to pay back. Credit unions and other lenders often have new auto loan
Loan Modification Application
Loan Modification Application,  LOAN MODIFICATION APPLICATION LOAN MODIFICATION INFORMATION AND DOCUMENT REQUIREMENTS Date: Member #: Loan #: Borrower’s Name: Co-Borrower’s Name (If applicable): BE ADVISED: DURING THE LOAN, OF YOUR CO-BORROWERS, WHILE UNDER A LOAN RESTRUCTURING PROGRAM. THIS REQUIREMENT MAY INCLUDE, be applicable in the processing of your Loan Modification Application. In order for your loan, check off each item as you complete it, and obtain the required documents for your package. Your Loan
Visa Platinum | FL, GA Credit Union Credit Card | iTHINK Financial
). Visit – Stop by your nearest branch to apply in person. Download our Loan Application – Complete, an application directly to you. Want to check the status of your application, securely upload loan-related documents, or communicate with your Loan Officer? Click here to access your existing credit card application. Convenient Repayment Options Use QuickPay to pay your Credit Union loan using a credit card, your iTHINK Financial account, or an external account. Schedule one-time


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