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Card Control

Card Control at Your Fingertips

A lost or stolen debit or credit card can be extremely stressful, but with iTHINK Financial’s Card Control you can get back to everyday living in no time! Simply use Card Control to lock your iTHINK Financial debit or credit card so you don’t have to worry about someone else using your card. It’s free and easy to use, and if you later find your lost card, you can unlock it yourself!

You can access Card Control through Online or Mobile Banking or the iTHINK Financial Mobile Banking app. Just select the "Unlocked" button for the card you want to lock. In Online Banking click OK to confirm or in Mobile Banking select "Lock Card" and then select OK to confirm. Within seconds your card will be locked from future use.

Please note that while locked:

  • Automatic payments using the locked card will not be processed   
  • New transactions will be declined, including ATM withdrawals
  • Card payments and refunds will still be posted to the locked card
  • If your card was lost or stolen, please contact us to request a new card (or you can visit a branch to get your debit card instantly reissued)

You can unlock your card at any time in Online or Mobile Banking.

Once unlocked:
  • You may need to reinstate automatic payments using your card if a payment was blocked while your card was locked
  • If there are any unauthorized charges to your account, please contact the Credit Union at 800.873.5100 or


How do I access Card Control?
Simply log in to Online Banking or the iTHINK Financial Mobile Banking App, then open the slider menu (3 horizontal lines on the upper left of the screen) and select the "Card Control" option.

Which cards are eligible to use Card Control?
Your iTHINK Financial Visa® Credit and Debit cards can be locked and unlocked using Card Control. HSA and gift cards are not accessible at this time.

Do I need to enroll in Card Control?
No, you only need to have access to Online Banking to use Card Control.

Is there a fee to lock or unlock my card using Card Control?
No, this is a free service!

Will any transactions come through while my card is locked?
Yes, any card payments (via ACH, check, or transfers) or refunds to the card will still come through while the card is locked.

Is my card still monitored for fraud when locked?
Your account is electronically monitored for unusual activity to protect you from debit and credit card fraud even while locked.

I have automatic utility bill payments set up using my card. What will happen to those while the card is locked?
All recurring automatic payments you have set up will be blocked, along with new purchases and ATM withdrawals. If a payment is blocked while your card is locked, you may need to reinstate automatic payments with the company.

How do I get a new card if mine was lost or stolen?
Locking your card in Card Control is the first step to protect your account, but Card Control will not order a new card for you. You will need to contact us to report your card lost or stolen and order a replacement. Or to replace your debit card, stop by your nearest branch where it can be reissued instantly.


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