Just follow these four easy steps:


Open your Membership and Checking Account by clicking here.

You can also call us at 800.873.5100, email us at serviceplus@ithinkfi.org, or stop by your local branch for an application and more details.


Use our Direct Deposit Form to set up automatic deposits from your employer or to switch it from another financial institution.


Complete our Switch Automatic Payments Form and give it to any company or payee who is automatically debiting funds for bills or other reasons from your old financial institution.


Once you know your direct deposit and/or pre-authorized payments are going to your iTHINK Financial Checking Account, and all of your checks have cleared your old checking account, submit our Close Account Form to your old financial institution.

Please contact us at 800.873.5100 or email us at serviceplus@ithinkfi.org if you have any questions or need assistance.

Member Testimonials

I love the Credit Union. Everyone is very friendly and personable, whenever I enter they call me by my last name. I also like the branch manager very much – she is very professional. Love it! No matter how far away I am from them, I will always go there. Very friendly, all of them definitely have good people skills.

Corlis Rasheed

I have used the Credit Union for the past 10 years for all of my banking needs – checking, savings, money market, car loans, mortgage, home equity and now my HSA. When I walk in I am greeted by name. Tell me what other bank makes you feel welcome? It has that warm, homey bank next door atmosphere that I have not found anywhere else and customer service with a smile! Like it’s supposed to be!

Linda Bennington

I am so glad to be a Credit Union member, especially in today’s volatile banking climate where consumers are being gouged for every conceivable fee or rate increase. I hear all the horror stories and am grateful that my credit union does not pull the shenanigans that I see in the “regular” banking industry. Thank you for doing business with integrity!

Anne H.

I became a member last year and just recently refinanced my mortgage. The entire experience was quite pleasant. Everyone could not have been more helpful, more personable, more attentive to my needs…well I could go on and on! I was a former BoA customer who was badly stung by their so called “customer service” in the most appalling manner. I only wish I had come to my credit union sooner. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Michele L.

Thanks to the best home loan department ever, I was able to move into my new home in record timing. This was my third time purchasing a home, but I can say this was the best customer service experience I have had.

Samuel Boykins