iTHINK Financial offers financing for new and used golf carts, whether you want to go for a joy ride, hit the golf course, or make errands more fun!

  • Loan Rates*
  • Flexible Term
  • Affordable Payments
  • Quick Approvals 

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Featured Vehicle Loan Rates

  • New Auto Loans as low as

    5.49% APR*

  • Used Auto Loans as low as

    5.49% APR*

  • Motorcycles as low as

    6.49% APR*

  • Motorhomes as low as

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  • Boats as low as

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  • Camping Trailers as low as

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  • New Golf Carts as low as

    6.49% APR*

  • Used Golf Carts as low as

    6.49% APR*

Fully Protected Loan

Fully Protected Loan Options:


We make it easy to apply!

The fastest way to get a loan is to Apply Online. Or you can call us at 800.873.5100 during normal business hours, email, or stop by your nearest branch to apply in person. Need help? Make an appointment.

Convenient Loan Repayment Options

  • Use QuickPay to pay your Credit Union loan using a credit card, your iTHINK Financial account, or an external account. Schedule one-time or recurring payments from your computer or phone 24/7.
  • Transfer your payment from your account at another financial institution using eTransfers or contact us to set up a recurrent Direct Payment.
  • Set up recurring scheduled automatic transfers from your Credit Union checking or savings account to your loan by using Online Banking.
  • Make one-time transfers from your Credit Union checking or savings account to your loan by using Online Banking or our Mobile Banking App.
  • Make payment by mail or at a branch or at a CO-OP Shared Branch.
    Set up email or text alerts through eAlerts for convenient payment reminders.

Vehicle Title Information

Registration and Title (Lien Recording) Instructions

If purchased from a private seller: Once the original title, bill of sale, and Vehicle Power of Attorney have been received by the title department at iTHINK Financial, all completed paperwork will be sent to the DMV. In the meantime, please await correspondence via email on the fee breakdown and additional documents needed to complete the paperwork. You will not be required to go to your local DMV. Once your paperwork has been completed by the DMV, you will receive your registration in the mail. 

If purchased from a dealer: Generally, the dealer will complete the registration and lien placement and, in most cases, the DMV will forward the title to iTHINK Financial. Should you receive the title after registration and lien placement, simply forward it to:

iTHINK Financial – Consumer Lending
647 Roswell Street NE 
Marietta, GA 30060

Please note: If a temporary tag is needed, please contact your local DMV/Tag agency to obtain one.


A lien is the right to take and hold or sell property of a debtor as security or payment for a debt. iTHINK Financial requires Members who offer collateral to secure a loan, such as a car loan or personal expense loan, to record iTHINK Financial as the first lien holder on that collateral. This means that if the Member defaults on the loan, iTHINK Financial can take the collateral and sell it to pay off the loan.


When applying for a collateral loan, Members must supply the vehicle identification number (VIN) when using an automobile or motorcycle as collateral on a loan, or a hull number or serial number when using a boat or other collateral. iTHINK Financial requires this number at the time of application, unless the loan is a pre-approval. 

How to register your vehicle/obtain a license plate

You have signed all your documents, so what's next?

  • All documents will be sent to iTHINK Financial's Title Department.
    iTHINK Financial's Title Department will complete all paperwork to be sent to the DMV (title, application, etc.).
  • A specialist from the Title Department will contact you via text, email or telephone for the address of the DMV/Tag agency that is most convenient for you to complete the title process.
  • The documents will be sent via UPS to the DMV/Tag agency of your choice. A text or email will be sent to you with the tracking information.
  • Once documents are delivered to the DMV/Tag agency, you can go in to pay any taxes and fees that are required.
  • In the meantime, please contact your local DMV/Tag agency for a temporary tag (if applicable).

Please note: This process can take up to 30 days.

Thank you for choosing iTHINK Financial for your auto loan financing!

Check your Loan Application Status

Want to check the status of your loan application, securely upload loan-related documents, or communicate with your Loan Officer?

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Other Resources

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  • Auto Buying Service – Save time, save money, and eliminate the dealer hassles, pressure, and confusion.
  • Submit your proof of insurance online: To submit proof of insurance for your auto, recreational vehicle, or mortgage loan, please email your documentation to
  • If you received a notice regarding (loan) collateral insurance, provide proof of coverage by clicking here:
  • Auto Insurance – Coverage options to meet your individual needs!
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Member Testimonials

Read what our members have to say about getting an Auto Loan at iTHINK Financial.

I can’t thank Bianca and Jeff enough for not only getting the best interest rate but making the entire car loan application process stress less! Always available for questions during the process and giving guidance on next steps! This is my second auto loan with this credit union and both times have been a great experience and saved me so much money! Thank you!!

Bridgette B.

I have used the Credit Union for the past 10 years for all of my banking needs – checking, savings, money market, car loans, mortgage, home equity and now my HSA. When I walk in I am greeted by name. Tell me what other bank makes you feel welcome? It has that warm, homey bank next door atmosphere that I have not found anywhere else and customer service with a smile! Like it’s supposed to be!

Linda Bennington

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates based on terms, credit score, and other conditions. Inquire within for details. Not all members will qualify for the lowest auto loan rate. Rates subject to change without notice. All iTHINK Financial Loans, including Visa® Credit Cards, are subject to income and identification verification. Contact a Member Service Advisor for the most current rates, terms, fees and conditions that may apply. The consumer loan disclosures are located here: Consumer Lending Plan.

**Contact the Credit Union for the present Certificate rates to determine the current APR.