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Member Testimonials

One can feel the difference in dealing with people that treat people professional and with kindness. Membership counts when dealing with a credit union. The common bond is evident as one enters the premises. There is an atmosphere of a willingness to help. I ran a mortgage company in Massachusetts and tried to give the same personal attention to our clients. You just don’t get that from large impersonal banks. Just a number and not always number 1. Thanks again

Larry M.

I have always known, since childhood, that the credit union is a safe, friendly place to do business with. My experience with the credit union has always been superb. During March I ran into some financial difficulties while I was trying to complete payment to a builder that added an efficiency to my house. Due to the COVID-19 virus, work on the house stopped for four months due to repeated illness of the workmen. As a result, I had to continue paying my mortgage while paying the workmen for the work they had done plus what they had left to do. So I paid four months mortgage more than I estimated to pay. I applied to the credit union for a loan, and although I got less than what I wanted to borrow, I got the loan the next day. I was able to pay the builder the outstanding balance and I am forever grateful to the credit union, and, especially to Celine, who was very helpful in making that possible.

Efelin W.

Vastyana Campbell is one of the best customer service agents I have ever had the please of speaking with in a long time. She went above and beyond to help me resolve an issue. I could tell she really cared about the issue, your client, and helping me. It is not often you see those qualities in a customer service agent in a call center setting. She is a much needed breath of fresh air, and has a lasting affect on people. Her customer service makes me want to learn more about this bank for my personal needs. Vastyana Campbell YOU ROCK!!!


Professionalism and thoroughness delivered in a warm welcoming way…muita obrigado Neide Costa. You are an exemplar of the great service provided by iTHINK Financial.

Thomas Terracino

Thank you, Neide Costa, Mortgage service specialist, for answering all of my questions quickly, efficiently and in a way that I could easily understand. You were a godsend at a time when I was getting extremely frustrated with my inability to reach a person from iTHINK.

Debra Peters

I can’t thank Bianca and Jeff enough for not only getting the best interest rate but making the entire car loan application process stress less! Always available for questions during the process and giving guidance on next steps! This is my second auto loan with this credit union and both times have been a great experience and saved me so much money! Thank you!!

Bridgette B.

I have used the Credit Union for the past 10 years for all of my banking needs – checking, savings, money market, car loans, mortgage, home equity and now my HSA. When I walk in I am greeted by name. Tell me what other bank makes you feel welcome? It has that warm, homey bank next door atmosphere that I have not found anywhere else and customer service with a smile! Like it’s supposed to be!

Linda Bennington

I became a member last year and just recently refinanced my mortgage. The entire experience was quite pleasant. Everyone could not have been more helpful, more personable, more attentive to my needs…well I could go on and on! I was a former BoA customer who was badly stung by their so called “customer service” in the most appalling manner. I only wish I had come to my credit union sooner. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Michele L.

Thanks to the best home loan department ever, I was able to move into my new home in record timing. This was my third time purchasing a home, but I can say this was the best customer service experience I have had.

Samuel Boykins

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