iTHINK Financial is committed to preserving and protecting the privacy and security of your Nonpublic Personal Information (NPI). This commitment is a fundamental mission of your Credit Union.

The Credit Union maintains strong security controls to ensure that your information is protected and consistently monitors and improves upon verification processes to protect against unauthorized access to personal information.

Contact the Credit Union to request a Security Password Request Form, to establish or change a Security Password for telephone contact, or to establish or reset an Online or Telephone Banking PIN/password.

Ensuring the Security of your Personal Information

Trust that your Credit Union will be guarding your personal information carefully. We only share information for the following reasons:

  • To administer and market products and services we provide
  • When required to do so by the government
  • When needed for other businesses to provide, on our behalf, a wider array of products and services designed to enhance the economic well-being of Credit Union Members.

For more information about our Privacy Disclosure, please contact us at or 800.873.5100.

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