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Five Mobile Apps to Streamline Your Business Finances

By: iTHINK Financial | Jul 05, 2019

Stay in Tune with Your Business Finances Around the Clock


Managing a business isn’t always a walk through the park. From tracking invoices and expenses to filing away important documentation, it can be easy for tasks to fall through the cracks in the midst of everyday operations. However, operating a business in today’s digital age has eased the hassles of juggling the smaller tasks at hand by allowing technology to fill in the role as digital assistant.

Mobile apps in particular have brought a new level of convenience to business owners when it comes to their finances. Giving you access to some of the most vital components of your business around the clock, mobile apps eliminate the restrictions of office hours for full control of your business’s finances. We’ve researched and compiled our favorite mobile apps that can help you securely manage your business finances anytime, anywhere.


QuickBooks Mobile App

If you’re one of the 5.6 million businesses that utilize the popular accounting software QuickBooks to manage finances, then it’s time for you to download their free app to take advantage of its mobile benefits. QuickBooks mobile app helps you gain instant access to your financial data, receive payments on the go, and track every dollar filtering through your business, straight from your phone or tablet.

The QuickBooks mobile app eases your flow of business by allowing you to manage daily software tasks like entering transactions, recording expenses, invoicing customers, sending reports and more. Plus, this app offers a unique mileage tracker feature, so self-employed users can track and record their mileage, whether it’s for business or personal use. Best of all, QuickBooks offers a free 30-day trial for first-time users so you can see if it’s the right fit for your business before you commit.



If your business revolves around point-of-sale transactions, then the Square app is the right fit for your mobile life. With all credit and debit card transactions possible through a detachable card reader and no merchant account required, the Square app makes it easy for users to save more time and money compared to traditional processing.

While there is a small fee for credit card swipes with the Square app, cash and check transactions are free of charge. And once the transaction is complete, your customers can receive a receipt via text or email and be on their way. Once your workday comes to a close, you can track and report your sales for the day, essentially making this app your own mobile cash register. This finance management app has no long-term contracts, no commitments and no surprise fees, so your user experience stays hassle-free from start to finish.



Rated 4.5 stars on GetApp reviewsFreshBooks is a favored mobile app among small business owners. This app prioritizes speed, convenience and ease of use to keep both your accountant and your clients happy. With FreshBooks, you can create and deliver clean, professional invoices digitally, and receive payment all through your mobile device.

And, you’ll never have to miss a beat with client conversations because this mobile app includes a messaging tool that keeps all your client conversations in one secure place. FreshBooks stays in sync among every platform that it lives on, from desktop to phone and tablet, so that you can work in real time and at your own convenience.



Although Wave is an account software primarily used on Mac and PC, their mobile app is free and available for when you’re on the go. This financial management tool is designed for small businesses, specifically those with less than 10 employees, and is best known for their fee-free fund transfers. Their app helps businesses, independent contractors and sole proprietors manage everything from a single platform with seamless navigation. With over 100,000 customers and world-class security features, Wave has become a trusted financial platform for small businesses worldwide.



Paying your employees just got easier with the SurePayroll app. This free mobile app allows you to run payroll operations remotely and with the flexibility you need. SurePayroll’s mobile app runs all the same features as it would on desktop, so you can pay your employees, access employee contact information, stay on top of payroll deadlines, and log hours and deductions straight from your phone or tablet. And with the SurePayroll app for employees, your staff can securely access their paycheck information at the touch of a button, making it a win-win for both parties.

From creating invoices to paying out employees, these finance apps have doubled as a full-time accountant for your business. With the help of these top-rated apps, you can control your business finances with ease and direct your focus on bigger picture goals.

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