Managing Your Maturing Certificates

Members can now manage their Certificates through Online Banking or our Mobile Banking App. Once logged in, open the slider menu (3 horizontal lines on the upper left of the screen) and click on CD Management.

Manage your Certificate in Online Banking

Log in to Online Banking or the iTHINK Financial Mobile Banking app, then open the slider menu (3 horizontal lines on the upper left of the screen). Select the "CD Management" option and follow the prompts to roll over, re-invest or transfer your maturing Certificate.

Your Certificates will be listed in order of descending Maturity Date by default. You can change this from the drop down on the right hand side. You can also view more details about each Certificate by clicking on the plus sign in the left column.

To change your maturity decision, click on the "Re-invest" link in the right column. There are three options for managing your maturing Certificate:

  • Roll over to another CD with a different term
  • Re-invest in the same CD account
  • Transfer it to another of your iTHINK Financial accounts

After making your selection, you will see a confirmation screen. After that screen, you will be able to see your new maturity option listed next to your Certificate.

Opening a Certificate Online

You can also open regular Certificates and our monthly promotional Certificate through Online Banking (this feature is currently not available inside the Mobile Banking App). 

Once logged in, click on the slider menu and select Open New Account. Select Certificate and click Apply. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete all the required fields. Confirm the details and click Submit. You will see a confirmation page and your new Certificate can be viewed under Account Summary.