Is Your Budget a Little Tight This Month?

iTHINK Financial’s Skip-A-Payment can help you free up some cash for times like this. It’s extra money just when you need it!*

  • Skip-A-Payment allows you to postpone the due date of your next iTHINK Financial loan payment by one month
  • A low $30 fee per skipped payment will apply
  • Each loan can use Skip-A-Payment three (3) times per rolling 12-month period and Skip-A-Payment can be used for three (3) consecutive months
  • Skip-A-Payment is available on most iTHINK Financial loans
  • Skip-A-Payment requests must be received 4 days prior to the due date for loans repaid via ACH transaction
  • Skip-A-Payment does not negatively impact your credit and it will not appear on your credit report as a missed payment.
  • If your loan payments are initiated by another financial institution (via ACH) you will need to contact that institution to stop the payment from occurring
  • If your loan payments are paid via any bill payment system, you will need to cancel the payment through the bill payment vendor


Click here to access Skip-A-Pay without logging in to Online Banking


1. Log in to Online or Mobile Banking

2. Open the slider menu (3 horizontal lines on the upper left of the screen), then click on the Skip-A-Pay link

3. Select an eligible loan and follow the easy on-screen instructions

You may also contact us at 800.873.5100 and we can process your Skip-A-Payment for you.
*Interest charges will continue to accrue on a daily basis at the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) set forth in your original loan agreement, both during and after the iTHINK Financial Credit Union (iTHINK Financial) Skip-A-Payment deferral period. Accrued interest during the extension period will be paid before any payments to principal when payments are resumed. This means that your payment deferral will result in higher total finance charges, and may increase the total number of payments due than if you had made your payments as originally scheduled. Therefore, extra payment(s) may have to be made after your loan would otherwise have been paid off under your original loan terms. In all other respects, the provisions of your original loan agreement remain in full force and effect. All Skip-A-Payment requests must be received at least four (4) business days prior to your loan due date. If you have a bill payment or Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction scheduled with another financial institution which automatically makes your loan payment, you must contact that institution to stop the payment from occurring. By registering for the Skip-A-Payment service, you accept full responsibility and agree to hold iTHINK Financial harmless from any and all liabilities. Your regularly scheduled payments will resume with the payment for the month following the deferral (“skip period”.) This may affect the Credit Protection Insurance, Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) or Mechanical Breakdown Protection coverage on your vehicle loan(s). A $30.00 Skip-A-Payment processing fee per loan will be automatically deducted from your iTHINK Financial account upon registration and approval of the service. The Skip-A-Payment service is only available on select consumer loan types, and is subject to final approval by iTHINK Financial. Three (3) skipped payments may be used on a loan in a rolling twelve (12) month period; three (3) consecutive month skipped payments are allowed. A maximum of ten (10) skipped payments are allowed in a loan’s term.