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Holiday Cheer, Holiday Fun, Holiday Spending!

By: iTHINK Financial | Dec 20, 2016

It’s that time of the year – the holidays are upon us. December is a time to relax, to reflect, to recharge, and reconnect with family and friends. And yes, a time to shop! We wish you oodles of happiness, tons of joy, and may your financial dreams come true. Here are some tips from our family to your family.

  1. Send them a jingle, a greeting card, or even a few words… Sometimes a card and a few kind words go a long way in getting our message across that we care. A phone call to catch up is well appreciated as well.
  2. Double, triple, quadruple… Shop, eat, relax – but do not do it alone. Time spent with loved ones is top quality time – you will only double, triple or quadruple the fun. And those memories will be there forever.
  3. Think, then give... Thoughtful gifts are never forgotten. Not sure what to get someone? Write their name on an index card, now write five words that describes them, put down a budget and start shopping. When you find the right gift, use those words to add to your message. They will appreciate your thoughts even more.
  4. Start them young... Teach your kids to save. Gift them an account, a savings certificate, allow them to start savings towards a dream. Deposit all their gifted cash into an account and show them how much more their money can buy over time.
  5. The day after… Post-holiday sales can save you a lot of money. Merchandise that did not sell is now available at a discount. You can treat yourself, family or friends to much more.
  6. Share time and money… Donate to those that are in need – your gifts are appreciated and the blessings we receive are immeasurable. You can even donate your time by volunteering. The joy of sharing with those who need things more than us is incredible.
  7. Confused, unsure… Give them an iTHINK Financial Gift Card. From $10 -$1000 your gift is so easy to give and is the perfect gift for every occasion.
  8. Need a little help… If you need a little help with cash, we have our very own “Platinum.” Apply today and receive a 4.90% APR balance transfer rate with NO BALANCE TRANSFER FEES! The iTHINK Financial credit card is convenient, secure, easy to use.
  9. Send us a selfie… Take a picture of you using any of our tips and share it with us on our page at https://www.facebook.com/ithinkfinancial

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