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How to Make Money with Your Smartphone

By: iTHINK Financial | May 04, 2019

You use your phone for just about everything, but did you know that you could also use it to make money? Smartphones have so many functions including video recording, photo editing, wireless communication and Internet capabilities. By taking advantage of these features, you can add a little bit of money to your income each month.

There’s no need to be glued to your desk to make some cash online. Here are seven ways to make money using your smartphone that you can start using today.


Sell or Rent Your Belongings    

You don’t have to wait to make money until you’ve collected so many unwanted items that your garage is overflowing. With mobile selling/trading apps, you can easily sell an item the moment you decide that you no longer need it. You can even find local selling/trading groups on social media so that you can list your items to local and trusted buyers.

By selling items from your phone, you can eliminate the hassle of shipping and handling. Just request that buyers pick up the items from your location and make the selling process even shorter.

Clock in Your Free Time

Swagbucks is an app that lets you earn money just by watching videos from your phone. You probably do this in excess already, so why not take advantage of some extra compensation. You can fill your pockets by watching movie trailers, advertisements and countless other videos. There’s even a $5 signing bonus just for getting started!

You can also use Swagbucks to trade your two cents for dollar bills by taking online surveys straight from your phone. Take surveys anytime, anywhere and earn when you want to. Of course, some surveys are longer than others, but that means you have the opportunity to make more for your time. Some apps will let you swap opinions for cash or opt for store credits/gift cards.


Go Shopping

You don’t have to spend extra to earn because the items that are already on your grocery list may be worth cash back. Apps like Shopkick and Ibotta will offer rebates on so many items on your shopping list and staple pantry products from your favorite grocery stores.

You may not always pick up items that are currently up for cash-back but, typically, you can earn money by uploading a purchase receipt. You’ll usually earn a fraction of a dollar per item or per receipt, but those items will definitely add up if you consistently remember to claim the offers. Earning money from your smartphone is easy; just don’t forget to keep your receipts.   


Test Apps

Luckily, a computer science degree isn’t required to get paid for testing apps – all you need is your smartphone. There are a lot of different apps that can link you to developers that need some extra testers. After joining a team of beta testers, you’ll be given complete instructions on how to complete the task and how to record your observations.

These instructions are usually very simple and ask more opinion-based questions that help to record how certain demographics feel about the app. You’ll most likely be asked to explore specific parts of the app, explain how you feel about it and suggest any improvements that you think are necessary. You can expect to be paid per test, so you can get pretty instant gratification for your work.


Sell Your Photos

You don’t have to have the latest DSLR camera, lighting equipment and professional editing software to be a photographer. There are smartphone apps where you can post your mobile photos for cash. When you download Foap, you can upload your mobile photos and earn money when an agency, brand or anyone else decides to purchase it.

Similarly, you can use apps like Snapwire, to earn commission on every piece of your mobile photography that sells. This app also offers different photography challenges that are worth more than your regularly sold photos.


Put Some Miles on Your Car

If you have your own vehicle, you’re probably qualified to be an Uber or Lyft driver. Although this tip requires more than just your phone, your mobile device will be the key to being a successful driver because you can only receive ride requests through these driving apps.  


Become an Influencer

Being an influencer doesn’t require hundreds of thousands of followers and exclusive brand deals. The number of followers that qualifies someone as an influencer is subjective and you can start making money from your posts with a few thousand followers.

Although this tip requires some time and effort, most of it comes from just using your smartphone. In order to gain a following and be eligible to earn money for your social media posts, you need to find a topic/niche that you’re passionate about. Once you’ve decided what you want your social media presence to reflect, you can start building a following by consistently posting quality content.


There are a ton of ways to earn extra money without giving out your resume, but there’s no quicker way than by using the device that you always have on hand.

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