Your Credit Union strives to make the mortgage process as fast and easy as possible! The checklist below will outline the documents you’ll need to pull out of your files while completing your mortgage application.

  • W2s (earnings statements) for the last two years for borrower/co-borrower
  • Latest pay stubs for borrower/co-borrower (one month)
  • For self-employed or commissioned borrowers, personal tax returns for last two years with original signatures
  • Corporate tax returns for last two years (with original signatures)
  • If receiving Social Security, copy of Social Security award certificate
  • Copy of pension/retirement award letter
  • If borrower is receiving or is obligated to pay alimony and/or child support payments, and wants the income considered as a basis for repayment of the loan.

    1. Divorce settlement agreement

    2. Verification of child support received for 12 months

  • Original bank statements for the most recent three months
  • Original stock and/or securities statements for the most recent three months
  • If renting, name, address and phone number of landlord for last two full years’ residence
  • Fully executed sales contract with all addendums, upgrades and options attached
  • Copies of all canceled checks used for any down payment
  • Name, address and phone number for Homeowner’s Insurance agent
  • Name, address and phone number for Title Company or closing agent
  • Application and paperwork signed by the borrower/co-borrower
  • Your $350 check for application fee

If you are refinancing your mortgage:
  • Copy of your present mortgage company’s statement or payment coupon
  • Copy of your Owner’s Title Insurance Policy
  • Copy of your Survey

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