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Have an iTHINK Financial Mortgage? Mortgage escrow analysis statements are now available inside Online and Mobile Banking. After logging in, click on eAlerts/eStatements from the slider menu to view your escrow analysis. Members will have up until March 10th to make a payment for any escrow changes.
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Online Bill Pay

It's time to give Bill Pay a try!

Save Time & Add Protection: Paying bills online saves paper and time. Plus, without all those checks to write, you’re extra protected from the risks of stolen checks and mail fraud.

Simple & Fast Setup: With just a few minutes and a few clicks, you’re done!

*Credit Union Checking account is required for Bill Pay.

Paying bills was never so easy!

Just point, click and your bills will be paid on time, every time.

  • Eliminate checks, envelopes and stamps
  • Great for recurring bills such as HOA dues, rent, tuition, lawn service, and other merchants that are unable to directly debit your accounts.
  • Pay bills 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Completely automated
  • Today’s latest encryption technology ensures the safety and security of your accounts
  • Different payment options available such as: automatic, one-time, or manual
  • Automatically transfers money from your Credit Union checking account per your request

Please note: Bill Pay cannot be used to pay iTHINK Financial loans or credit cards. To pay these bills, please use the Quick Pay service, the account transfer function inside Online Banking, or contact us at to set up automatic repayments from your Credit Union checking or savings account.

How to register

  1. Sign On to Online Banking
  2. Click on the Bill Pay quick link (this automatically starts the bill paying process) — Be sure to set up your account at least 10 days prior to your first bill’s due date for verification purposes (first time only)
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and you’re finished

Need Help Registering? Our eTeam can help get you started today – simply bring one bill into your local branch and we’ll set you up.

If you have questions or comments please email or call 800.873.5100, ext. 8786.

Please note: Bill Pay is compatible with the following browsers: Firefox (FF) Mozilla Firefox (FF) 3.6 or newer (PC or Mac), Internet Explorer (IE) Version 8.0 or higher, Safari Version 5 or newer (PC or Mac), Google Chrome Newest version (PC or Mac), Opera Version 9 or later (PC or Mac).

Online Bill Pay User Agreement

Video Help

How to Add a Payee in Online Bill Pay

How to Schedule a Payment in Online Bill Pay

How to Pay a Utility Bill in Online Bill Pay

How to Delete a Payee in Online Bill Pay





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