You’re Part of Our Next Evolution!

IBMSECU is now iTHINK Financial Credit Union.


For the past 50 years, we’ve watched our Credit Union, started by a group of IBM employees in Boca Raton, grow to one of the largest financial institutions in the nation. We want to continue moving our members forward for the next 50 years. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new name: iTHINK Financial.

Our members tell us that we help improve their lives through our financial knowledge. They trust us as financial advocates to deliver personalized solutions that meet their needs. We know we make our members feel more confident in their financial decisions.

The new iTHINK Financial name helps to capture what we do best. Our brand promise “Moving You Forward” is our commitment to helping you achieve your financial goals.

Our new name paves the way forward for our members.

Our Goals

We had three goals in re-naming our credit union:

  1. Honor our IBM heritage, because without them, we wouldn’t be here today
  2. Incorporate what members tell us we do best
  3. Create brand awareness in the communities we serve that will attract new members in the future

Our new name, iTHINK Financial, achieves these goals. It honors our beginnings as the “THINK” slogan was first used by IBM Pioneer Thomas J. Watson. It’s what our members tell us we help them do. The “i” at the beginning of the name was also at the beginning of our old name, but now it represents you, the member. You’re the reason we’re here, and why we exist.

iTHINK Financial is also easy to say and remember. Start counting how many times you say “I think...” every day. iTHINK Financial is a statement of confidence, and it’s why members choose us for their financial needs.

Our new blue and teal colors were deliberately chosen because they are bold and energetic. Our new logo is designed with a “checkmark” and represents the financial milestones we will help you achieve.

iTHINK Financial is our new name, but you can be sure that you’ll still get the personalized service you’ve come to expect from the same employees.

We Need Your Feedback

Like our brand promise states, we’re dedicated to moving you forward. That’s why we need to hear from you. We’re listening for your feedback on how we can better fulfill our promise to provide the best service possible. Please take the opportunity to complete surveys that you receive after an experience with us. We’re all ears!