eDeposits is an easy and convenient way to deposit checks through Mobile Banking and receive immediate provisional credit. eDeposits allows you to take a picture of your check with your mobile phone and upload it for deposit!

eDeposits is a FREE service for iTHINK Financial Members!

Benefits of using eDeposits

  • Convenience of anytime, anywhere online deposits
  • Instant access to an Advance Amount of the funds deposited
  • Eliminate branch or CO-OP Shared Branch visits

Quick Pay and Skip A Pay

Make a loan payment or skip your upcoming loan payment without logging in to Online Banking!

How to make an eDeposit

Using your mobile phone, log in to our Mobile Banking system and click on the eDeposits quick link. Enter the account for the deposit, the check amount, and the check date. Then place your check under your phone's camera and the eDeposits system will auto-capture the check image and upload it automatically. Your deposit will be fully processed by the Credit Union same-day if made prior to 2:30 p.m. ET Monday-Friday, or else the next business day, without the hassle of coming into the Credit Union or mailing the original items.

Quick Tips

  • When photographing your check, use a well-lit area to ensure that the check images are correctly captured.
  • Keep phone level, do not take a photo at an angle, and keep phone directly over check.
  • Keep hands clear of the check when photographing. For best results, lay the check on a flat, dark colored non-reflective surface when taking pictures.
  • Make sure that the entered check amount matches the amount of each check.
  • Don't forget to sign the back of the check and write "For Remote Deposit Only".


eDeposit Limits and Advance Amounts


Deposit Limit Amount

Immediate Advance Amount

Level 1
Diamond only

$1 – $50,000

Up to $5,000

Level 2
Gold & Platinum

$1 – $35,000

Up to $500

Level 3
Bronze, Youth,
New Member (more than 15 days)

$1 – $25,000

Up to $200

  • Your eligibility may change daily and your accounts must remain in good standing (no delinquent loans or negative balances).
  • Your Rewards Level may change monthly.
  • If you use up your “available” amount, the balance will not be released until the deposit is received by the Credit Union.

Video Tutorials